Rome walking tours

Rich is an American Licensed Rome and Vatican tour guide. You are welcome in sharing your private touring experience with us, here in Rome.

· Half day (3-4 hours) walking tours: 170 € for 1-2 people (max 8 people).
· 40 extra € per person. Entrance fees are extra.
· Tours can be kept private for just an additional 100 €.
· If you book more than one tour there is a 40 € discount.

Rich Brunn Please contact us to receive more information about all our Tours and, perhaps, book yours.

Historical Center (Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain)

Meeting Point
Antico Caffè Dora · Largo Arenula, 14/15
Historical Roman bar with a delicatessen service, open h24.

This tour doesn’t require any additional charges for tickets.


The Tour
The Historical Center contains such locations as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and Spanish Steps, along with any number of hidden treasures by such greats as Michelangelo, Bernini, Raphael and Caravaggio.
It is a great place to start touring because it is such an excellent mix of all the different periods that make Rome so famous.
It is amazing to see how all the different layers fit together, from ancient times such as the site of the assassination of Julius Caesar, throughout the medieval world such as with the Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva.
The layering starts getting interesting though with all of the beautiful renaissance and baroque piazza’s, fountains and facade’s that the area is most famous for that are often layered directly upon the often still visible ancient ruins of circuses, aqueducts and temples.
We’ll see how all of these sites fit together so amazingly, but also take the time for basic fun stuff like gelato at the best place in all of Rome!
This tour is best done during the afternoon that people first arrive, as it is a convenient way to force you to stay awake and get you on a good sleeping schedule.
Keep in mind that dresses/shorts must be below knee level and shoulders covered really only for inside certain churches we’ll be entering, so bringing zip on attire/scarfs is acceptable.


Ancient Rome (Palatine, Colosseum and Forum)

Meeting Point
Imperial Food · Via Cavour, 291
Taste both the Imperial style and food, in this unusual gastronomical venture.

Getting a Roma Pass ahead of time would replace your need for getting an individual ticket that we are able to easily/quickly take care of upon meeting up for just 12 €/person. The Roma Pass is just another option (read more) but it isn’t necessary as we will be able to simply pick up tickets upon meeting up very quickly anyway. There aren’t any student discounts available, yet anyone under 18 or over 65 (and part of the European Union with ID to prove it) is free.


The Tour
This tour covers a pretty extensive time frame from the foundations of the ancient Roman Monarchy, through some of the most significant elements of the Republic and Empire and it is really neat as we’re able to go right into the Colosseum and talk about its history, architecture, games, etc. without any sort of wait!
We start off though by going up the Palatine Hill to the Imperial Palace we’re we’ll have fantastic views all around Rome, to the Circus Maximus, to the area of the famous Romulean Huts, along with the House of Augustus.
We then continue down into the ancient Roman Forum, the sprawling downtown, social, political, religious and economic center of the ancient Romans with their population of about a million.
We’ll talk about all of Rome’s most important monuments such as its triumphal arches including those of Titus and Constantine.
Some highlights of our itinerary are the Senate House, Basilica of Massentius, House of the Vestal Virgins,Basilica Julia and any number of at times even very well preserved ancient state sponsored Pagan temple’s (such as those of Mars, Venus, etc.).
We’ll recreate the past, but even more importantly the motives that drove the creation of these most amazing sites while seeing how so much of our modern day life derives from this ancient world.


Vatican (Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica)

Meeting Point
Ristorante Paolo · Viale Vaticano, 104
This restaurant is almost right across from the entrance to the Vatican Museums. It has green awnings easy to spot from a distance.

Vatican tickets are only 8 € for anyone under 18 or also students with proper ID who are even 26. Otherwise tickets are 16 €/person and it is always recommendable to invest in a 4 € reservation fee that will allow us to completely skip the line. Please contact us for further details.


The Tour
Being one of the largest collections of artwork in the world, the Vatican Museums have highlights of artwork on display from literally the past 2,000 years including of course the most well known Papal Apartments by Raphael and the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.
We’ll see how this most amazing collection is such an interesting reflection of the changing cultural, political and religious dynamics that produced them.
We’ll see such famous pieces as the Apollo Belvedere, Laocoon group, the great Bronze Hercules, theGalleries of the Maps, Tapestries and Candelabra.
Following the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, we’ll have access to the special guide entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica.
We’ll see any number of masterpieces in this most important church, such as Bernini’s Baldacchino and Michelangelo’s Pieta, before finishing up in Bernini’s inspiring piazza.
This tour is done well at 1:00pm, yet another fantastic option is to enter the museums at 8:30am before they’ve even opened up to the general public at 9:00am. It’s a one day sacrifice to wake up early, yet it allows one of the most uncrowded and pleasant visits imaginable at the Vatican.
The Vatican is at least never conveniently toured on Sundays. It is best done on your 2nd or 3rd day in Rome, for which we’ll help organize your fast entry. Keep in mind that dresses/shorts must be below knee level and shoulders covered really only for inside certain areas such as St. Peter’s, so bringing zip on attire/scarves is acceptable.

Rich’s knowledge of the sites of Rome and the stories that go with them is incredible. His tour helped bring to life the stones, the marble and the many great buildings of ancient Rome. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and his style draws you deeper into exploring what it would really be like to live as a Roman Emperor or subject. Rich also took great care to understand the interests of our group and reflect this in his customized tour. He really knows his stuff, a memorable experience. / Ian Cook, Impact International, England
Rich: I wanted to thank you again for the incredibly wonderful tour you provided to my family and me. You made the sights come alive right before our eyes. I couldn’t believe that you kept the interest of my 10 year old son. In fact, you peaked his interest so much that all he could do was talk about everything we saw for some time after we left Rome. Of course, my wife and I still talk about it. The combination of your educational backround and your in depth knowledge of the area made this one incredible trip. We are so happy that we chose your personal tour instead of being in a huge impersonal group. Once again, thanks.
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